About Us

Learn about the innovative vision and expertise that drives Symphony Commerce.

A Vision That’s Changing Ecommerce for Brands

Symphony Commerce was founded with a vision of equipping brands with Commerce as a Service. By delivering all the technology, operational services and support a brand needs to rapidly open and grow online sales channels, we handle the complexity of managing ecommerce – and free them to focus on growing their business.

Our team has deep roots in developing world-class ecommerce solutions from storefronts and sales conversion through ordering and fulfillment. Out of that came clear insights and best practices about what it takes to do ecommerce right.

Seeing the
problem and building a solution

As we looked at the market, we realized there wasn’t any single platform available that delivered all the critical commerce functions.   It killed us to see brand after brand having to find their own way, developing their own ecommerce infrastructures cobbled from a patchwork of technologies and vendors.

We poured our expertise and best practices into developing our platform, designed from the ground up to encompass all crucial commerce functions, working together seamlessly to orchestrate every step of the process from store-to-door.  It’s all based on a cloud-hosted infrastructure to ensure high performance, availability and scalability, so your storefronts are always open for business.

Commerce as a Service fundamentally changes the game.  Beyond providing the technology, we handle all platform operations, from onboarding to ongoing store development, and supplying strategic guidance that enables our brand clients to maximize the value of Symphony for their business.  As a result, brands spend less time worrying over infrastructure, and more time focusing on their core competency – products, marketing, and sales.

A flawless end-to-end customer experience

Creating customer delight has to go beyond a great online experience. Delivery is just as important as discovery in a shopper’s brand journey. That’s why we also built an on-the-ground physical fulfillment network to get your products quickly and accurately into their hands, completing an impeccable customer experience.

Beyond all these capabilities, Symphony also gives brands operational efficiencies that can’t be achieved using platforms pieced together from multiple vendors, products and plugins.

Proven by the biggest brands

The best proof of how we’re changing commerce? A rapidly-growing number of the world’s largest fashion and CPG brands are already relying on Symphony to manage and grow their ecommerce channels.

Backed by Leading Investors

We’re venture-backed by some of the leading firms in the industry.