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Delight the Modern Customer
Adobe and Symphony Commerce have formed a strategic alliance to power next generation Customer Experiences and Transform Omnichannel Commerce
Industry leading marketing
and customer experience technology
Next Generation commerce engine that
powers omnichannel experiences
Deliver Truly Personalized Omnichannel Experiences
Unparalleled Business Agility

Adobe delivers personalized, pixel-perfect experiences across all channels.
Symphony enables commerce for each of those experiences
Key Differentiators
Be Everywhere
Create and manage omnichannel experiences that enable shoppers to buy anywhere

Support the complexity of multi-brand, multi-country organizations.
Create Personalized Experiences
Tailor experiences across the entire customer journey through real-time personalization and continuous optimization

Deliver highly personalized assortments with powerful merchandising capabilities

Create best-in-class creative, shoppable media, and workflows
Orchestrate Omnichannel Experiences
Optimize cart conversions through an agile transaction engine

Seamlessly manage inventory across all channels, ensuring optimal supply allocation for efficient operations

Deliver personalized, post-purchase experiences to the customer's door with sophisticated fulfillment orchestration technology
Operate with Agility
Support the widest range of commerce scenarios and business models on a single platform

Streamline operations through a seamless business process integration and robust cloud tools

Enable customized commerce by leveraging a suite of microservices
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