Is Your Brand Ready for 2014 Holiday Planning?

Retail’s biggest season is just around the corner, and brands are gearing up to make the most of the holiday shopping. For many merchants, the holidays will contribute 20% – 40% of total annual revenue. The good news: is already forecasting that consumer’s are upbeat, which signals a record breaking year in the making.

To be successful, merchants can take the following 5 steps to ensure their programs run smoothly to deliver top line revenue.

  1. Start with a forecast to estimate how your sales volume will fluctuate over the peak periods.
  2. Plan your marketing campaigns for the big 5 days, and supplement your marketing campaigns as needed.
  3. Coordinate with your logistics and customer service teams.
  4. Optimize your site for new customers, especially gift shoppers.
  5. Optimize for mobile: both your onsite experience and your advertising.

While many holiday white papers focus on marketing or email tactics, Symphony’s new  2014 Holiday Planning Guide is the only holistic planner that connects the dots between your marketing and fulfillment. Inside you’ll find in-depth resources to address forecasting, promotion planning, logistics, optimizing your storefront and how to integrate mobile into your plan.With over 20 pages packed with strategies and expert tips to beat the competition, the 2014 Holiday Planning Guide is a must-read for a smooth and profitable holiday season.