4 Tips for Creating Contactless Experiences your Customers will Love

Throughout 2020, millions of U.S. businesses have been forced to pivot their operations to limit in-person contact within brick and mortar locations. Several tools and technologies have quickly evolved to support these new processes, but business owners, large and small, are still struggling with roll out. Here’s a quick overview of how you can use curbside and touchless technology to create great customer experiences.

1. Go that extra mile to ensure both customer safety and experience

Make sure you understand the digital and physical journey a customer will take when making a contactless purchase. Walk-through the experience from beginning to end and ask yourself these questions at each step: Is it safe? Does it meet regulations? Is it easy for customers to understand and use? This exercise aims to ensure you meet local authority health protocols while making it easy (and dare we say enjoyable) for customers when they visit you in-person.

2. Communicate often and do it across all channels

It’s a confusing time for us all. With rules, expectations and regulations changing each day, giving customers a clear idea of how it works is not only helpful but alleviates a lot of stress (less stress = happier customers). Communicate your curbside set-up through multiple instances of clear signage on-site. But also, make sure you communicate often. Update your website and social media channels regularly as changes occur. If your sales process includes email and text order confirmations, take advantage of it, and use it to guide customers through the process step by step.

3. Your customer database is more important than ever before

You can no longer rely on in-person interactions to build relationships with your customers. While many businesses have baked email and phone number retrieval into their sales processes, gathering this information is very, very (did we mention very?) rarely enforced. Make sure you and your employees are asking for contact information at every interaction so you can continue to communicate loyalty, promotions and important account updates. Weave curbside and contactless details into your communications, so customers feel safe when considering a purchase, as well as in touch with their favorite shop.

4. Use technology to augment, extend or mirror your usual customer experiences

Whether you are a boutique gift shop or a small chain of mom and pop diners, technology (which is contactless by nature) can be the difference between doors open or closed during the coming months. If you haven’t yet embraced it to quickly pivot, digitize and create contact-free operations, now is the time. Use technology to offer online ordering, 1:1 text communications, QR check-ins, mobile POS, and more. Your customers will thank you for it.

The “new normal” is sure to continue post-pandemic, so providing superior contactless experiences your customers appreciate will continue to be essential. If you are interested in learning more about our technology and tools to help you make it a success, visit www.aclate.com. Already a customer? Reach out to your Account Manager to find out how we can help.