5 Reasons Brands Need Responsive Design

Ecommerce retailers are faced with an important design choice when building or updating an online store.

Brands can build multiple sites and try to anticipate each unique device that consumers may use, or they can build the site once with responsive design so that it renders beautifully no matter what device it’s displayed on. If you believe that mobile is the future and that the number of devices and sizes will continue to multiply (as we do), then the cost savings and other advantages of responsive design are clear.

Tipping Point

The tipping point happened in June 2013: 55% of all time spent with online retail occurred on a mobile device. Specifically, smartphones accounted for 44% of retail Internet minutes while tablets accounted for 11%.

Fastest Growing Segment

Mobile sales comprised 16.6% of all online sales for the quarter ending on Dec. 31, 2013, up 46% from the same period of 2012. The boost underscores consumers’ increased comfort with making purchases by smartphone or tablet.

Huge Market Potential

US consumers will spend $52.17 billion in 2014 on retail purchases made via smartphones and tablets, expecting to grow to $86.86 billion by 2016.

Tablet Sales

Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million in 2013.

Global Opportunity

In 2014, there will be more than 2 billion smartphones globally. By 2017, 5 billion people are predicted to be using mobile phones and each year, the growth of smartphones continues to climb by figures north of 30%.

The explosion in mobile sales and proliferation of new handheld devices of all sizes means that screens are simultaneously getting smaller and larger.

What that means for ecommerce brands is that sites must be user-friendly no matter what device your customer is using to shop at your online store.