Auto-Generated Sitemaps Help Raise Your Google Ranking

Auto-Generated Sitemaps Help Raise Your Google Ranking

A high Google ranking is a great way to boost site traffic, and Symphony’s latest release helps make that happen. Starting this week, all Symphony sites automatically send daily sitemaps to Google Web Toolkit (GWT), helping your brand achieve the best Google ranking possible.

What’s a Sitemap?
Sitemaps organize the information stored throughout your website and arrange it in a way that’s easily read by Googlebot, the giant Google machine that crawls the Internet and ranks web pages.

Why Should I Submit a Sitemap?
Sitemaps lead to a more efficient Google crawl by telling bots how to crawl your site. Sitemaps pass along information like what links are there, how to find them, how frequently they’re changed, and so on.

Who Benefits From Sitemaps?
Every site can benefit from submitting well-organized sitemaps. You might benefit even more if you have:

A large website: If your brand has a big catalog or lots of static pages, Googlebot is more likely to miss some pages, especially ones with new or changed content. A sitemap is a giant sign that says “Hey, Googlebot, stop here for instructions about where to go.”

A new website: Older and/or popular sites have more clout with Googlebot. That’s partly because there are more sites linking and directing traffic toward them. Delivering a clear sitemap to Google helps you compete with these sites.

A lot of product photos: Sitemaps with properly named images help your photos rank higher when customers search for products in Google Images.

A lot of static pages that don’t link to each other: Your static pages probably all link out from your home page, but they might not always link to each other. If your site doesn’t have a strong network of interlinking pages, listing them on a sitemap can ensure Google
doesn’t skip some pages.What Information Does my Sitemap contain?

Symphony-generated sitemaps are generated and submitted daily. They contain all of the following features:

  • A sitemap index, which links to the following individual sitemaps:
    • Static page sitemap
    • Product page sitemap
    • Category page sitemap
    • Image sitemap (including all product images)
  • Googlebot-friendly naming and prioritization.
    • Pages are prioritized so the bot understands that a Home page is more important than a Category page, which in turn is more important than a Product page.
    • ​Images are properly named
  • Submission logging. In addition to being automatically generated and submitted to GWT daily, sitemaps are fully logged in case of errors.

By making it easier for Google to crawl your site in an efficient way, you can cut down the time it takes to earn a higher Google ranking. This extra boost to your Google ranking works best when paired with other SEO-driving tactics like secure HTTPS sites, solid site architecture, and stellar product copy. Start paying attention to all three, and you’ll see your rankings rise with less work, less upkeep, and improved results.

Maximize Your Promotions With Precise Coupon Rules

Maximize Your Promotions With Precise Coupon Rules

Online businesses rely on digital coupon promotions to widen the funnel, drive up conversions, and increase customer engagement. This is why it’s important to have precise coupon features on your ecommerce platform so you can control promotion costs and prevent coupon exploitation.

Not only do you need cart-based coupon rules that apply on a cart-wide basis, you’ll also need product-based coupon rules that apply discounts to certain products in a customer’s cart.

When you go into Promotions >> Coupons and try creating a new coupon by clicking the blue button on the top right of the screen, try clicking the “Set Conditions” option in the “Applies To” section of the Coupon console. You’ll notice a new set of options show up on the bottom right of the usual coupon rules.


New Coupon Rules Create More Precise Promos and Maximize ROI


Now that you’re able to control the amount of times a coupon is applied on a specific cart order, you have more control over the promotion cost of your coupon. For example, if you have a coupon that gives the customer $10 off, but you want to limit the coupon to two items per customer cart order, you now have the capability to do so.



You can even set a Coupon to target either the highest or lowest priced items in the cart.

For instance, if you’re selling chocolates and you have a 10% off promotion that you only want to be applied twice, you can now target either the cheapest or most expensive chocolates in your customer’s cart. This way, you can choose to increase customer retention by targeting high-value products for discounts, or control promotion cost by applying discounts to your less expensive products.

New coupon rules like these open up new possibilities for your marketing team. With our coupon improvements, they can craft precisely targeted coupons that get the most out of every promotional campaign.

A Better Catalog with Variant Image Capabilities

A Better Catalog with Variant Image Capabilities

Symphony’s variant image and color capabilities allow brands to really present their catalogs as clearly, beautifully, and comprehensively as possible. Having intuitive ways to showcase the variance in your product offerings right on your product page is a great way to gain an edge in the ecommerce world. Think of it this way, when customers can see what you offer without the guesswork or extra clicks, it spells more conversions for you.

Try going to one of your products by clicking Catalog >> Products on the left sidebar on your Manage console. Click into the product and make a variant with “attributes” (or the type of variant) and “values” (the name of the variant). For instance, color would be the attribute, and deep blue would be the value.

New variant feature makes catalog optimization easy. From the screenshot above, you’ll notice the different colors and patterns next each value. Here’s what happens when you click on the colored box on the left side of the value tags:

See how Symphony image and color variant capabilities work!

A pop-up appears and the options for “Color Swatch” and “Image Swatch” appear.

Get all the colors in the spectrum with our color variant capabilities.

The Color Swatch option gives you a full color wheel where you can pick the exact color of your variant. This is especially important for those of you in apparel or cosmetics, where the difference in “Tangerine Red” and “Fire Engine Red” is a very important one for your customers. But let’s say your product has multiple kinds of patterns that can’t be found on a color wheel. Click on the Image Swatch button and you’ll see a window for you to upload images into.

Upload images to give customers a better idea of what you sell.

As soon as you upload an image, it’s now associated with that variant. Now you can upload images of your product variants that showcase differences in pattern, material, and design to your customers. These image and color variant capabilities also apply to any product tags that you can set up.

Think of the possibilities that open up when you can show image swatches of your different product variants. For example, if you’re selling shoes with different patterns on them, you can’t rely on solid color variants to show these details. Instead, you can upload images of different kinds of products so your customers can see exactly the differences between your variants.

Display your products better with combined swatches of colors and images.

Image swatches can also be used to bring your store pages to life by showcasing different variants as they actually look, as opposed to seeing them as solid computer-generated colors. Once you’ve created your color and image swatches, they’ll show up throughout your store.

Color swatches appear on the filter sidebar itself, so your customers can find their favorite color with a simple click…

Your customer can find the color they want with a simple click or tap.

And both image and color swatches on the product pages themselves….

Colors and patterns, it's like window shopping for 4 products at once.

These variant image capabilities can bring your catalog to life on multiple levels of your webstore. You can create beautiful product pages by substituting colored shapes for true-to-life images. Your products are unique to your brand, and computer-generated colors won’t be able to capture the iconic design features that make your brand special.

But more importantly, when customers can see everything you have to offer without guessing or clicking around, they’re much more likely to buy from you.