Auto-Generated Sitemaps Help Raise Your Google Ranking

A high Google ranking is a great way to boost site traffic, and Symphony’s latest release helps make that happen. Starting this week, all Symphony sites automatically send daily sitemaps to Google Web Toolkit (GWT), helping your brand achieve the best Google ranking possible.

What’s a Sitemap?
Sitemaps organize the information stored throughout your website and arrange it in a way that’s easily read by Googlebot, the giant Google machine that crawls the Internet and ranks web pages.

Why Should I Submit a Sitemap?
Sitemaps lead to a more efficient Google crawl by telling bots how to crawl your site. Sitemaps pass along information like what links are there, how to find them, how frequently they’re changed, and so on.

Who Benefits From Sitemaps?
Every site can benefit from submitting well-organized sitemaps. You might benefit even more if you have:

A large website: If your brand has a big catalog or lots of static pages, Googlebot is more likely to miss some pages, especially ones with new or changed content. A sitemap is a giant sign that says “Hey, Googlebot, stop here for instructions about where to go.”

A new website: Older and/or popular sites have more clout with Googlebot. That’s partly because there are more sites linking and directing traffic toward them. Delivering a clear sitemap to Google helps you compete with these sites.

A lot of product photos: Sitemaps with properly named images help your photos rank higher when customers search for products in Google Images.

A lot of static pages that don’t link to each other: Your static pages probably all link out from your home page, but they might not always link to each other. If your site doesn’t have a strong network of interlinking pages, listing them on a sitemap can ensure Google
doesn’t skip some pages.What Information Does my Sitemap contain?

Symphony-generated sitemaps are generated and submitted daily. They contain all of the following features:

  • A sitemap index, which links to the following individual sitemaps:
    • Static page sitemap
    • Product page sitemap
    • Category page sitemap
    • Image sitemap (including all product images)
  • Googlebot-friendly naming and prioritization.
    • Pages are prioritized so the bot understands that a Home page is more important than a Category page, which in turn is more important than a Product page.
    • ​Images are properly named
  • Submission logging. In addition to being automatically generated and submitted to GWT daily, sitemaps are fully logged in case of errors.

By making it easier for Google to crawl your site in an efficient way, you can cut down the time it takes to earn a higher Google ranking. This extra boost to your Google ranking works best when paired with other SEO-driving tactics like secure HTTPS sites, solid site architecture, and stellar product copy. Start paying attention to all three, and you’ll see your rankings rise with less work, less upkeep, and improved results.