Building SEO from the Ground Up

As an ecommerce business, wouldn’t you like a targeted funnel of customers that are actively looking for your product? That’s exactly what a strategic approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can do for your online store.

SEO starts with your web development team incorporating SEO-friendly best practices into your site navigation and architecture. This provides the basic foundation for you to build out a robust on-page content and linking strategy to fuel your SEO growth. We recommend a four-pronged approach to develop a robust on-page SEO strategy.

Speak to your ideal customer. You know your customer best: think about how she searches for your products and what language she uses. Does she search for “distressed denim” or does she search for “women’s jeans”?

1. Write content that is relevant and useful to the end user. Be specific and engaging – eliminate buzzwords and jargon.

2. Create content that other people want to share. Backlinks occur when other people are talking about your brand and your products, and search engines pick up on the buzz and reward your site with a higher rank position.

3. Help the search engines out by providing engaging and keyword-rich copy in your Title and Description Tags. Tags are what Google and Bing use to determine relevancy and provide a short summary of your page on their search rankings.

4. SEO is a site-wide practice that should live in your entire site production process – from page construction to content creation.

It takes creativity and commitment to have great SEO, and it can be a long hike to the top of Google and Bing’s search rankings.

But for entrepreneurs building an online business, SEO is the most cost effective and highest ROI marketing program to master.