Going From Successful to Iconic: Gaining Customer Loyalty

“You cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things.”

– Clarence Francis, Michigan Business Review, May 1956.

Your brand’s success is directly tied to the loyalty of your customers. It’s not just about convincing a customer on their first purchase, but convincing the customer that you’re worthy of a second, third, or fourth purchase. Everything you do as a brand – from production to marketing to logistics – should be focused on engendering loyalty. And the best way to cultivate loyalty is to provide an amazing shopping experience for your customer.

The good news is that you determine the value of your product and the core of your brand story. You’re already two-thirds of the way to providing a flawless experience, but that final third – where customers actually interface with your store to purchase your product – is where 80% of brands hit a wall.

For example, Your website is the core of your online presence, which makes it one of the most important pillars of your brand. For the most part, you’re bound by hardcoded templates to work around. You’re forced to fit your brand vision within the boundaries of the framework, when it should be the other way around. In order to faithfully deliver your brand – with your quality products and amazing story – you need to be satisfied with what kind of store you can build. How likely is that if you’re working within the boundaries of a template?


The Experience Doesn’t Stop at Checkout.

In addition, your online store serves as major gateway between your customer and your brand. From page load through physical delivery, the experience is what drives loyalty. If your site isn’t totally in sync with your inventory and fulfillment workflows, you’re vulnerable to costly errors that erode customer trust. Packages can get misplaced or delayed, making customers more and more frustrated with each passing day they wait. Verified orders can get pushed back because of an unforeseen stockout, which happens when your inventory counts are inaccurate. When you can’t control the last third of your shopping experience, these things will inevitably happen. What’s worse, all of these events damage the trustworthiness of your brand, and loyalty can’t exist without trust.

And this is where many growing brands hit a wall. They’ve created amazing products and crafted engaging stories, but they fall short at the last mile. The patchwork systems that attempt to translate your brand during the various commerce experiences will fall short. If you can’t control your customer’s experience with your brand, you can’t control how your customer perceives your brand.


We Put You Back in Control.

This is why Symphony exists, to return control from the limitations of today’s commerce technology back to its rightful owner: you.

You’ve already done the hard work of creating a valuable product and an engaging brand story. To navigate the pitfalls of the last mile requires a partner that allows you to make decisions based on reliable, consistent technology and gives you full control over your branding.

We’ve achieved this by developing an end-to-end commerce platform that backstops the entire shopping experience: faithfully translating your brand through a beautiful online store, elegantly managing orders with agile inventory controls, and exceeding customer expectation with a dependable nationwide fulfillment network. All three pieces are seamlessly integrated with each other, meaning they work together in sync and without any false notes. Most importantly, you are put back in the driver’s seat in the journey with your customers.

And when you can control your brand’s destiny, you can provide the kind of flawless shopping experience that earns a customer’s loyalty.

If you’d like to learn more about how Symphony can put you back in control of your customer experience, reach out to us here.