Maximize Your Promotions With Precise Coupon Rules

Online businesses rely on digital coupon promotions to widen the funnel, drive up conversions, and increase customer engagement. This is why it’s important to have precise coupon features on your ecommerce platform so you can control promotion costs and prevent coupon exploitation.

Not only do you need cart-based coupon rules that apply on a cart-wide basis, you’ll also need product-based coupon rules that apply discounts to certain products in a customer’s cart.

When you go into Promotions >> Coupons and try creating a new coupon by clicking the blue button on the top right of the screen, try clicking the “Set Conditions” option in the “Applies To” section of the Coupon console. You’ll notice a new set of options show up on the bottom right of the usual coupon rules.


New Coupon Rules Create More Precise Promos and Maximize ROI


Now that you’re able to control the amount of times a coupon is applied on a specific cart order, you have more control over the promotion cost of your coupon. For example, if you have a coupon that gives the customer $10 off, but you want to limit the coupon to two items per customer cart order, you now have the capability to do so.



You can even set a Coupon to target either the highest or lowest priced items in the cart.

For instance, if you’re selling chocolates and you have a 10% off promotion that you only want to be applied twice, you can now target either the cheapest or most expensive chocolates in your customer’s cart. This way, you can choose to increase customer retention by targeting high-value products for discounts, or control promotion cost by applying discounts to your less expensive products.

New coupon rules like these open up new possibilities for your marketing team. With our coupon improvements, they can craft precisely targeted coupons that get the most out of every promotional campaign.