On-Site Order Tracking Keeps Customers Coming Back

There’s a great way to get customers back to your site, and it doesn’t involve ads, emails, coupons, or freebies. It’s on-site order tracking, and it’s a great way to re-engage customers who have already made a purchase. Instead of requiring any marketing effort on your part, on-site tracking provides your customers a service they want and is a natural way to bring them back to your store.

Here’s how it works: once an order has shipped, your customer receives an Order Shipped email. Here’s what that looks like:

On Symphony sites, the tracking  link takes customers back to a brand’s website, not to an external site like FedEx, UPS, or USPS. This has two benefits:

1.  Get the delivery date without all the clutter. Our on-site tracking page includes only the information your customers want:

  • Tracking Number: click to go to carrier website (if you really want to).
  • Estimated Delivery Date: our calendar view provides at-a-glance information.
  • Status & Notifications: quickly see your order’s status and sign up to have updates sent to your phone.

2.  Instantly go shopping. Every customer who tracks a package you’ve shipped is only 1 click away from going shopping again.

Previously available only to commerce heavy hitters like Nordstrom, One Kings Lane, Rent the Runway, and Bonobos, on-site tracking is now available to all Symphony brand partners. In the coming months, we’ll be adding marketing capabilities so our brand partners can promote featured/recommended products or add other marketing messages directly to the order tracking page. Our goal is to transform a mundane activity (tracking a package) into a shopping opportunity. By doing so, we’ll give our brand partners one more chance to turn one-time customers into loyal fans more quickly than ever before.