An Order Management System that Puts Your Customers First

Our redesigned Order Manager makes it easier to access information, edit orders, and offer customers great solutions instead of clunky workarounds.

What’s New?
In addition to existing features, Order Manager has a new look and several new features.

order manager with customer service in mind

Sleeker Look: Order information is now organized by tabs for easy navigation. Commonly accessed information is also higher up on each page.

View Mode vs. Edit Mode: If you just need to view an order to find information, View Mode lets you do so without extra clutter. Select “Change” to enter Editing Mode, and more fields will appear.

Easier Refunds: Quickly apply a partial or full refund, in % or $ amounts. Refunds can be applied whether or not you request that a customer returns the item, and money is credited back to a customer’s original payment method.

Refund Alternatives: If you prefer, you can issue a store credit, apply a coupon, or create a new coupon instead of giving a refund. By giving your customer service team more options, you can keep customers happy and prevent costly returns.

Payment & Invoice Management:

  • View Transaction History to see what charges and refunds have been applied.
  • ​Compare the current order and new order to review changes and save.
  • Email a copy of an invoice to any email address.

Visual Aids: Every order’s content summary shows line item thumbnail images because visual prompts are really helpful to customer service agents.

Order Editing (Add/Delete Items): The Contents tab clearly shows which items can be edited and which have already shipped. Adjust quantities, add products, or update shipping speed. When you save changes, you’ll be prompted to charge a customer (or give a refund) via her original payment method.

Customer Service: Sometimes, you just have to make things right. Apply a 100% discount to a customer’s order and turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one.

What Issues Can I Resolve With the New Order Manager?

  • Your warehouse ships a broken item. You need to send a replacement, give a refund, and/or offer a discount to help make the customer happy.
  • A customer moves after placing an order and would like you to change the shipping address.
  • A customer made a mistake (wrong size) on one line item. You need to change it without affecting the rest of the order.
  • An item is backordered at the warehouse but you have a few units at your corporate office that you’d like to ship.

Get Your Team Involved to Make Things Really Shine.

When paired with a well-defined set of customer service policies, Order Manager can help you provide better customer service, prevent returns, and reduce revenue loss. When should you offer a coupon vs. a partial refund? Do you want to offer shipping upgrades? Only you can design the best set of solutions for your business. If you’d like to discuss possibilities, your Client Service Manager is available to share ideas.

To take it for a spin, log into Manage and place an order. Make a few edits, save your order changes, and don’t forget to cancel your test order when you’re done. We think you’ll be pleased with how easy it is. If you have any questions or comments, just contact your Client Success Manager.