Release 17.21 (Big Updates to Our Category Interface)

Updated Bulk Product Upload Template

  • We have changed the format for bulk product uploads. Please contact your CSM for additional training if you currently use this feature.

Estimated Date for ASNs


  • You can now specify the expected date when new inventory will arrive in the warehouse under Manage >> Fulfillment >> Receiving (ASN). This allows the warehouse to process inventory receives faster and results in long-term fulfillment cost savings.
  • The date field will flash red if you press Send to Warehouse without filling out the date. You cannot further edit the ASN once you press Send to Warehouse.

Category Usability Improvements


Product Sort by Category

  • You can now sort products individually within each category by setting a position value (See A).

Easy Undo

  • You can now undo removing a product from a category (See B).

Quickly Publish Products

  • You no longer need to access Product List  to publish or unpublish products from your store. Products can be published directly through a toggle switch (See C).

Search Improvements

  • Similar to our Product List, you can search using the informational popup (See D).


Add Unpublished Products

  • Product search now lets you add both published and unpublished products to a category (See E).

General Improvements

  • Your products are now shown in a list instead of a grid, making it easier to review products.