HTTPS Sites Get a Google Rankings Boost

Wish your site ranked higher on Google’s search algorithm? Starting last week, all Symphony sites do.

Have you ever noticed that some website starts with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP?” That extra “S” stands for “Secure.” Essentially, it means there’s an extra layer of encryption in the data between the browser and the site (Forbes does a good job of explaining it).  Google recently announced they’re starting to use HTTPS as a rankings signal, meaning sites using HTTPS will rank higher than sites using HTTP.

Symphony sites have always run on HTTPS, so they’ll automatically see a rankings boost. Our philosophy is this: while you dedicate yourself to creating the best content for your site, we’ll worry about security, stability, speed, and the rest.

Symphony is committed to providing best-in-class security across all our sites. On the Qualys SS Labs test, our sites achieved “A” scores in security when they followed our best practices.  A rankings boost on Google is now a nice bonus. High fives all around