Transactional Email Improvements Keep Customers Happily Up to Date

What are Transactional Emails?

They’re automated emails triggered by occurrences in the order life cycle. Order Confirmed and Ordered Shipped emails are two common examples. Symphony’s latest product update added more information, clearer updates, and lots of visual appeal to our automated transaction emails.

automated transaction emails

Why are Transactional Emails Important?

Transactional emails take work off your plate by anticipating and resolving common customer service issues. Like all Symphony features, Transactional Emails are responsively designed so your customers can read them mobile devices as easily as on a computer.

How Have Transactional Emails Been Improved?

  • Important information is more quickly accessed, with details arranged by order of importance.
  • Customers can more easily manage their accounts thanks to clear links back to your site.
  • Your brand really shines with emails that look more personalized and less computer-generated. You can also opt for a customized banner to use on your order confirmation email.
  • Get information out more quickly with real-time order shipped emails. This email details how many boxes were shipped and whether items are still pending at the warehouse. A link also takes customers back to your website to track orders instead of diverting valuable web traffic to an external carrier website.
  • Improve how you interact with customers when something goes wrong. If you took a backorder on a product, something goes wrong, and the expected ship date will not be met, our system can automatically send an alert. You can specify whether this email is sent directly to customers, to an agent on your team, or both. To comply with FCC regulations, you may also notify customers that they have the right to a full refund on un-met shipments.

What About Subscription-Related Transaction Emails?

  • Remind customers how much they’re saving: all transaction emails containing subscriptions now clearly show subscription savings.
    Give customers an incentive to keep subscribing: all transaction emails containing subscriptions highlight “3 months savings” to remind customers how much they’ll save over time.
  • Keep customers informed. Customers will now see when to expect their next subscription shipment. They’ll also be notified if their subscription has been cancelled due to a declined/expired credit card.

Can I Edit Transactional Emails?

The beauty of Transactional Emails is that they require no work from you. It takes a lot of coordination to make sure information is consistent across a set of Transactional Emails. After we test out the performance of the current set of emails, we’ll begin to build the ability for our clients to edit them.