Turbocharge Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Over the past year, Symphony has re-launched wide range of ecommerce websites. Depending on which platform the brand migrated from, we typically see 10 – 50% increase in conversion rate. How is Symphony able to achieve such consistent results? Here are the five key areas that we focus on to improve the customer experience and drive more sales.

Page Load Speed

Everyone hates to wait, and impatient consumers can’t be bothered to wait for your slow website to finish loading. Every second counts – especially for mobile shoppers. In fact, 40% of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  Speed up your site by cleaning up code bloat, use image compression, defer non-essential scripts, and cache locally.

Responsive Design

There are so many benefits to responsive design like improved SEO, consistent site experience on mobile and desktop, and faster load speeds due to the streamlined codebase. In the last year, we’ve seen a massive shift away from desktop shopping. In fact, across our brands, we typically see 50% or more visitors shopping via a smart phone or tablet. Bottom line, if your site –especially your site’s checkout – isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re leaving money on the table

Expand Catalog Navigation

Symphony’s robust catalog navigation ensures that describe search, filtering, tagging, and pagination all work together with shareable links and without refreshes. When we released this for a large apparel brand we saw an immediate 30% boost to conversion rates because shoppers were able to find the products they want in the sizes they need.

Sticky Shopping Cart

In A/B tests, sticky carts provided a visual nudge that gets customers to make the transition from shopping to buying. Simply displaying the contents of the shopping cart (instead of allowing the shopping cart to roll back up) increased the likelihood that visitors would begin checkout by over 35%, with the biggest increases happening on mobile and tablets. Best of all, average order value (AOV) and shopping cart completion rates remained constant: more people starting the checkout resulted in more people completing checkout which translates to more revenue for our clients.

Exit Intent Technology

According to a recent benchmark study, many conversion rates (from visiting a page to checking out) are less than 1%. “Exit intent technology” has emerged as one of the most powerful ways to re-engage the other 99% of visitors on your site. Exit intent technology detects when a user is about to leave your site, and triggers a pop-up ad with an incentive or promotion in exchange for an email address. This works on two levels:

    1. Instant coupons such as “save 20%” or “free shipping” are powerful incentives to buy now.
    2. Email capture arms brands with an inexpensive way to follow up with the visitor after the session with additional offers and promotions.

Sites that employ exit intent pop-ups garner up to 400% higher email opt-ins than sites that don’t use exit intent pop-ups.


At Symphony, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to boosting conversion rates for new clients. First, our technology is built with speed in mind so visitors enjoy blazingly fast load times and site navigation. Second, all of our sites use responsive design to leverage mobile and tablet traffic. Third, best in class catalog navigation helps customers quickly locate the exact product they want. Fourth, we launch all brands with sticky shopping carts which have been proven to increase the number of shoppers who start checkout. Finally, we include exit intent technology to offer promotions to defecting visitors, and capture emails for targeted marketing follow up. This culminates in significant conversion rate improvements for our clients across all verticals.