Focus Q&A

What’s the timeline for these changes?
There is no immediate change in service for our customers. We’re reaching out to speak with all of our customers over the next couple of weeks to discuss the changes in detail.  

What product/service changes are you making?
We have not yet announced our roadmap externally.

Why do you have to eliminate positions?
We are restructuring to fully align our teams around the needs of our customers.  In some cases, we have people who are working on services or areas that we won’t be continuing and other areas where we need a different role/skills to accomplish our goals. In those cases, unfortunately, we will need to make staffing changes.  In all cases, we’re helping our employees to make a positive transition.

Is this a funding issue?  Are you financially stable?
This is about focus and best allocating our resources for long term success. We have the full backing of our investors in making this transition and funding to move forward as we have outlined.

Are additional layoffs planned?
At this time, we do not foresee any additional layoffs.

Has the company raised any capital recently?
Symphony recently raised $5M in capital in a Series C-1 round.

Are you hiring?
Yes, there are a number of positions we are looking to fill.  Those are listed here on our careers page.

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