Fulfillment as a Service

Introducing Fulfillment as a Service. World-Class Logistics Delivered to Your Customer’s Door.

Fulfillment as a Service Delivers

Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment

Leverage our multi-warehouse network to offer 2 day shipping to all customers and even same-hour shipping in metropolitan areas.

Inventory and Order Management

Gain powerful tools to manage inventory across all of your channels, B2C and B2B. Never be at the mercy of a stockout.

Modern APIs and Tools

We’ll give you the building blocks to integrate robust fulfillment capabilities into your commerce business.

The Most Powerful Multi-Channel Fulfillment Network in the U.S.

World-class Fulfillment

Leverage our multi-warehouse fulfillment network to deliver 2 day shipping to all customers and even same-hour shipping in metropolitan areas. We’ll also handle returns to ensure delightful customer experiences.

Engineered for Growth

Symphony provides an elastic network designed to scale with your business. Never worry about surges in demand or expanding into new regions.

Optimized Delivery Flows

Our intelligent routing algorithm optimizes delivery flows for each order, accounting for customer expectations, shipping costs and cut-off times.

One Solution for Every Channel

With Symphony, you can fulfill both your wholesale and B2C orders through a centralized inventory system to improve cost efficiencies.

Scale your Operations Effectively

Multi-Channel Inventory Management

With Symphony’s powerful inventory management software, you can virtually allocate inventory by channel. Prioritize your B2C business, or allocate more towards your wholesale customers. Set your strategy and allow the system to work for you.

Centralized Operations and Analytics

Process wholesale and B2C orders through a centralized system to maximize fill rates.

Utilize our real-time reporting and analytics to stay on top of trends, insights and fulfillment costs.

Seamless Business Process Integration

Tailored to your Business

Our Restful API’s enable you to seamlessly integrate robust fulfillment capabilities into your commerce business.

Reach Any Customer, Anywhere

We also provide several pre-built integrations with leading shopping carts, marketplaces, retailers and order management systems, so you can deliver to any customer through any channel.

A Business Model for Innovators

Old Approach

Cobbled software, 3PLs and Shippers.

Symphony Advantage

An engine to drive your business.

Expensive and cumbersome technology setup and maintenance, requiring constant iteration to get it right.
Start delivering great fulfillment in a few weeks. We’ve taken care of the details so you don’t have to.
Negotiate complex contracts with individual 3PL’s and carriers. Rinse and repeat the process for every region where you have customers. Growth is constrained by network inelasticity.
We’ve got you covered. Our elastic network will enable you to reach any customer, anywhere. Never worry about expanding into new regions or handling unexpected spikes in demand.
Get your analysts to model future usage patterns, then negotiate pricing based on expected return. Contract is full of hidden fees and complex pricing rules.
Simple, clear pricing. No shenanigans! Cost-effective as you share the network savings of all our brands.

Simple, Clear Pricing

No shenanigans! With Symphony, we provide simple, clear pricing. Don’t ever worry about hidden fees or charges again.

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