Fulfillment Orchestration

This is where your brand promise meets delivery, so getting it right matters.

We’re relentlessly focused on optimizing fulfillment to enable our brands to deliver a market-leading experience and service levels that will delight your customers.

Symphony Fulfillment Orchestration

Symphony’s fulfillment orchestration software is designed to facilitate cost-effective, timely delivery of products to your customers. Symphony manages the connections between our platform and your warehouse system, maintaining real-time communications to ensure orders are always flowing and your data is up to date with real-time notifications as orders are shipped and deliveries are confirmed.

Distributed fulfillment support, through our intelligent order routing, instantly analyzes each order and determines which warehouse/inventory location would be most time-and cost-effective for meeting the delivery service level specified by the customer and automatically routes the order to that warehouse for fulfillment.

Warehouse Integration: Two Ways to Connect

Custom Warehouse Integration

Symphony enables brands to connect our commerce platform with your own warehouse or existing 3PL partner, giving you all of the system benefits of Symphony’s inventory and fulfillment orchestration with the distribution partner you already know. Symphony manages the connections between our platform and the warehouse (WMS) to ensure orders are moving and data is up-to-date.

Certified Warehouse Integration

For brands that need a warehouse/3PL provider, Symphony offers a pre-certified network of distribution centers with locations across the US to enable delivery of 98% of packages within 2 days via ground.  Brands contract directly with the certified warehouses, accessing services and pricing pre-negotiated by Symphony.  Software integration between the Symphony platform and the warehouse systems (WMS) is pre-built for seamless connection and rapid implementation.

Market-Leading Capabilities

A complete returns process

In industries such as fashion, where return rates can top 65% of products sold, it’s vital to have a smooth process so customers can initiate a return and generate shipping labels.  We’ve automated the entire process so that when returns are checked into the warehouse, Symphony triggers all the right steps to update inventory and sales data, process refunds and amend the customer history. Symphony can even handle the price-tax calculations when returning a single item from a bundle.

Inbound planning for accelerated inventory turns

Easily send advance ship notices (ASNs) to your warehouse team, so they can plan for the receipt of goods, unpacking, and entry into inventory.   Real-time connection from warehouse to catalog means products are updated and ready to sell as soon as they’re checked into inventory. By speeding time-to-storefront, you’ll serve your customers faster, with more inventory turns and higher profitability.

Average increased inventory turns for fashion brands using Symphony

Wow your customers with branded unboxing

For many brands, delivering a complete and meticulous brand experience through packaging is paramount.  With Symphony, we’ve paved the way for you to deliver your products in your brand-specific boxes, bags, wrapping, or with notes.   Every warehouse in our certified network has a list of services and pricing we’ve negotiated for packaging your products in custom materials.