Commerce That Flows

Real-time visibility and control makes great customer experiences.

Not only do your orders flow quickly through Symphony, but you’ll know it.  And so will your customers. Today’s consumers expect immediate results.  Having real-time visibility and control over your orders enables you to keep your service levels on track.

Real-time order status

Symphony provides real-time visibility as orders flow from purchase through fulfillment.  Since everything is interconnected, orders move automatically to the appropriate warehouse for fulfillment – with no manual intervention required.   Plus, you’ll be better able to provide service and keep your customers informed.

  • Get a quick view into orders in process by order value, status, or customer.
  • Drill down to see order details, including a history of any changes to the order made by your service team.
  • Orders suspected as fraud are automatically held for review until they’re reviewed and released by a team member.

Mitigate stockouts, capture more sales

Handle demand surges and alleviate customer frustrations in just one step.  Because your storefront maintains a real-time sync to your inventory,  it knows when a product is out of stock and can automatically set new purchase options that you select.

  • Turn on backorders when a product runs out, so you can set customer expectations and still capture the order.
  • Enable pre-orders if you’re ready to capitalize on product demand from a campaign or holiday surge in traffic, before the item is in your inventory.
  • Instantly remove a product from your storefront once inventory is depleted and you don’t plan to replenish.

65% of online shoppers go elsewhere or don’t buy if their first-choice retailer is out-of-stock – GT Nexus Survey

Real-time inventory status & allocation

Gain real-time view into inventory levels at all times – across orders received, in process, shipping, and channels.  Manage inventory in a single system, even when held in multiple warehouse locations.

Virtually allocate inventory across channels to ensure availability in top priority channels and accounts.  Traditional, physically-separated inventory pools are too inflexible and time consuming to manage in the world of online sales.

  • Prioritize certain channels over others to guarantee you’ll meet your fulfillment goals and SLAs.
  • Reallocate in an instant to accommodate changes in demand across channels, maximizing revenue opportunities.

Service Makes the Experience

Keep your customers informed

A customer’s ability to quickly get order information and support is crucial to resolving issues – and optimizing retention. Unlike many other ecommerce vendors, Symphony provides real-time customer service and order notification, so your customer service is just as delightful as the rest of the shopping experience.

  • Customers access real-time order status updates directly from your website.
  • Instant notifications with order tracking keeps customers informed on orders and deliveries.


Provide great customer service

Customer service agents have real-time visibility into each order, so they can modify or cancel an order for the customer.

  • With access into a customer’s account history, agents can update account details, place orders, or offer coupons for customers to resolve issues and drive loyalty.
  • Service request tickets are managed using ZenDesk, so you’re sure your team can easily stay on top of customer inquiries.