Platform Overview

Delivering the best commerce experience to your customers.

Symphony provides you with a single, complete commerce system that’s delivered as a service to free you up to focus on your core business of marketing and selling great products.  That’s Commerce as a Service.

Commerce as a Service


One complete commerce system

Symphony Commerce is natively-built from the ground up as a single system for orchestrating the entire flow of commerce, from shopping through orders, inventory, and fulfillment orchestration. All critical commerce functionality is included and designed to work together in real-time so everything is always in sync and orders flow seamlessly, exactly as they should.

Delivered as a service

We work as your extended ecommerce team, managing everything from system maintenance to implementation, operations, and guidance supporting your ecommerce growth strategies.  Our depth of knowledge has been built over years of working with brands, developing best practices and insights that drive success, so you can rest assured your system is in great hands.

Enabling technologies included

Symphony Commerce includes the full range of enabling technologies needed, such as sales tax management, fraud prevention, payments, transactional email, maps, search, and more. We’ve incorporated and manage it all as one, always-connected, unified system to ensure it’s always on and always working.

Always on and ready to scale

Our cloud-hosted platform is based on a world-class infrastructure that’s ready for your business. Designed for continuous uptime, performance, and scalability – even in highest traffic times like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.   With an average uptime of 99.99%, our peak GMV throughput is clocked at $1B/year, without a hiccup.

Rapid deployment

Because the Symphony Commerce platform is built-out and ready to go, there’s no time spent integrating routine ecommerce functionality. We work with you to understand your products, business process and growth objectives, configure the platform to support your goals, and prepare you for a successful launch.

Full-range commerce

The technology behind Symphony Commerce is built to optimize the processes from shopping through fulfillment orchestration, because we know that storefronts are just the first step and that at least half of the commerce process happens after the order is placed.

Most eCommerce platforms are focused only on shopping capabilities, with add-ons and plug-ins to stitch together additional functionality.  Only Symphony natively orchestrates the full range of commerce, because we understand the importance of fulfillment in your brand journey.

Rapid, cost-effective delivery drives consumer purchases these days. That’s why we seamlessly integrate with warehouse management systems at your warehouse/3PL or at our certified warehouse network to ensure your brand delivers an ideal customer experience that can compete and win your customers’ loyalty.

Our natively-built system drives smarter commerce

As a natively-built commerce platform, Symphony is designed so the store, orders/inventory, and fulfillment orchestration modules work together continuously to ensure that orders are moving through the system and out to customers.  The visibility and control provided by this system design are what enable Symphony to deliver a superior commerce experience for your customers and simplified operations for brand ecommerce teams.

Our returns process is a great example.  When an item is returned and checked back in at the warehouse, Symphony automatically triggers real-time updates to inventory levels and store availability, and then refunds payment – with an accurate price/tax allocation.   The customer experience is smooth and operations are simplified, with no manual intervention required.  That’s the power of a natively-built commerce system that other ecommerce platforms just can’t touch.

Manage multiple channels in one view

Symphony uniquely enables brands to manage multiple ecommerce channels on a single platform that’s based on a common product catalog, inventory, and fulfillment network, which dramatically streamlines your operations.  Easily set up direct-to-consumer, boutique wholesale, or marketplace channels and specify the appropriate products and pricing for each and you’re ready to go.

  • Get a unified view into your orders and inventory for each channel to ensure you stay on top of planning and servicing each channel.
  • Virtually allocate inventory to each channel to ensure you meet SLAs and projected demand – without having to make changes at the warehouse.
  • Easily adjust as needed when demand changes.
  • Analyze sales performance and trends across each channel to understand the dynamics of each – do shoppers browse on and buy on the marketplace?  With Symphony, you’ll know.

Build deep knowledge of your customers and business

Symphony gives you access to the vital business analytics you need to develop a deeper connection with your customers, your channels and your business overall so you can make smarter, data-driven decisions to drive growth.

  • Develop customer profiles based on shopping habits, product preferences, and customer lifetime value for better targeting.
  • Master the dynamics of each of your channels to understand profitability and cannibalization to find growth opportunities.
  • Understand your top selling products and categories to identify areas for cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Deep-dive into fulfillment to assess shipping profitability and returns.
  • Build a complete margin analysis of your commerce value chain, from order to cash.

Your Team of Experts

Symphony’s seasoned and dedicated ecommerce pros provide fulfillment, technical, operational and business growth expertise to put the service in Commerce as a Service for our customers. Our ‘brand-first’ approach focuses on understanding your brand ethos, business processes, and growth objectives so we can craft a strategy for implementing Symphony in a way that meets your precise brand and ecommerce goals.

Driving growth

We support your growth at a strategic level so you can get the most out of Symphony. Our team helps you tackle key issues whether it’s measuring the impact of 2-day shipping, analyzing data to help drive your merchandising mix, or anything in-between.

Driving excellence

Our team provides ecommerce best practices that range from methods for preventing stock outs to supporting ERP integrations.  We’ve built expertise over years of working with a broad base of brands and are ready to put our insights to work for you.

Your named Brand Strategy Manager ensures that all of the appropriate resources are available to meet your business needs.