Experiences That Sell

Great commerce experiences increase conversion and lifetime value.

From engaging and relevant storefronts to subscriptions and kits that drive conversion and lifetime value, with Symphony, you’ll turn your visitors into customers and your customers into brand evangelists.

Deliver high-impact storefronts, branded your way

Symphony enables you to create storefronts that capture the full impact of your brand and are optimized to pull visitors in to discover and purchase your products with ease and speed.  Fully-responsive design ensures ideal display on any device from mobile to desktop.

With real-time personalization, you can automatically deliver the appropriate offer for a first-time visitor vs. a returning customer.

Create premium commerce experiences with
Adobe Experience Cloud

For brands that are ready to engage one-to-one to win and retain customers, Symphony and Adobe provide a joint offering that enables the creation of fully-personalized commerce experiences based on user behavior, preferences and past purchases.   The solution brings together targeted promotional content and personalized storefronts, allowing users to shop right from an ad or landing page with their order immediately processed by Symphony.

  • Target by new vs. returning customers, shopper demographics, past products purchased or customer lifetime value.
  • Dynamically design, create and manage pages based on user profiles that swap out calls to action, offers, and personalized product recommendations.
  • Easily add and style Symphony’s drop-in commerce components, including subscriptions, kits, one-page checkout, and real-time order status.

Boost conversion with optimized checkout

We’ve tirelessly refined our checkout page to tackle the top issues that cause shoppers to abandon their carts.  Our result is an extremely smooth and frictionless one-page checkout process that converts shoppers at higher rates than our brands have experienced before.

  • Dynamically calculates and displays taxes and shipping charges.
  • Address autofill and instant error checking cuts checkout times in half.
  • Payment as final step increases confidence and purchase rates.
  • Natively supports Apple Pay.
  • Customer accounts are automatically created on submission.
  • The checkout page renders perfectly on all devices.
increase in conversion rates
seen by brands switching to Symphony.

Maximize order and customer lifetime value

Symphony simplifies launching subscriptions and product kits (bundles) so you can create new offerings without long planning cycles or changes to your inventory or warehouse.  Simply create a new catalog entry for your subscription or kit and it’s ready to go.  Symphony automatically handles the details to ensure orders flow seamlessly from cart and payments through fulfillment.  No other commerce platform can do that without integration and customization.


Use subscriptions to drive recurring sales to increase retention and overall customer lifetime value as well as reduce customer acquisition costs.  Some of our CPG brands have grown subscription sales to +80% of their overall business.

  • Customers have direct visibility and control over their subscriptions – to update payment type, postpone a shipment, change renewal frequency, cancel, etc.
  • Because the system is always connected, Symphony can automatically confirm product availability before charging the customer for their shipment.

Brands that offer subscriptions see 3-4X increase in CLV.


Virtually bundle products into multi-item kits, offering new promotions and merchandising opportunities that increase average order value and customer experimentation with more of your product line:

  • Offer a discount on the kit to incent purchase without having to do a markdown on the individual items.
  • No need to set new SKUs or pre-pack, Kits are pick-and-packed at the time of order.
  • Set kits to be purchased on a subscription basis for even higher revenue and customer value.

Brands that offer kits see 2X increase in CLV.